Design Challenge: Broadcast Compression In Software

Design Challenge:
Chips Ahoy! Broadcast Compression in Software, or on a cheap chip!

One thing that has been a big challenge for community radio stations has been decent audio processing.  Commercial stations will sometimes pay tens of thousands of dollars on fancy processors that make their stations sound better and louder. Community radio stations can’t afford that, especially tiny ones in rural areas.

But while you used to have to build an elaborate analog circuit to do audio processing, today  a lot of this can be done digitally on a computer. and even more basically, it is probably possible to buy a $20 chip that can just do this one job. We’d like to develop software with a basic broadcast style compressor, limiter, and AGC for use for budget radio stations.  This might also be useful for Rootio, where they’d like to put the  same stripped down software program on the smartphone that they pass the audio for the station through. It should be multi-band, and should take into account the pre-emphasis curve, and be configurable to be used in the areas with both 50 and 75 microsecond pre-emphasis. contact petri<at>

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