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Pete Tridish was a member of the founding collective of Radio Mutiny, 91.3 FM in Philadelphia. He went on to become a founder of the Prometheus Radio Project. In 1997, he was an organizer for Radio Mutiny’s demonstrations at Benjamin Franklin’s Printing Press — the station that broadcast in open defiance of the FCCs’ unfair rules that prohibited low power community broadcasting. He has organized “radio barnraisings,” in which a whole radio station is built by hundreds of volunteers in three days, in 11 communities around the United States.

He actively participated in the rule-making process that led up to the adoption of LPFM, and in the lawsuit Prometheus vs. the FCC, which held back a major round of media consolidation in the United States. Tridish has helped build a number of low power radio stations, and provided advice to hundreds. He has done radio trainings in Guatemala, Colombia, Nepal, Tanzania, Jordan and other countries.

Tridish has spoken at colleges, coffee shops, living rooms, and even the CATO Institute. He has been interviewed for dozens of periodicals, news shows, and documentaries, and contributed articles in the recently published books, News Incorporated, and Be the Media. He holds a BA in Appropriate Technology from Antioch College, and he is an SBE certified Broadcast Radio Engineer. Over the years he has been a carpenter, an environmental educator, a solar energy system installer, a squatter, a homeless shelter volunteer and an activist in many social movements since the age of 16.
Pete Tridish can be reached at petri [at] imarad [DOT] io

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April Glaser is based in Oakland, California, where she works with community-based and national organizations interested in promoting free speech, social justice, privacy, and innovation in digital spaces. Most recently, April worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, leading activism around the Net Neutrality campaign, as well as the organization’s grassroots outreach. Prior to EFF, April spent years on the front lines of media justice advocacy and research. She is a founding member of Radio Free Nashville, a low power community radio station in Nashville, Tennessee and formerly worked at the Prometheus Radio Project, where she organized public participation at the FCC hearings on media consolidation in 2006-2007. Her efforts helped propel the passage of the Local Community Radio Act, the largest expansion of community radio in U.S. history. April’s research has been adopted into Federal Communications Commission rules and she has testified at multiple FCC hearings. April previously worked at the New America Foundation, where she designed tools for civic engagement in media policy. April can be reached at april [at] imarad [DOT] io

Julia Graber Facepaint Juliawas a volunteer at the Prometheus Radio Project for grassroots outreach to potential LPFM applicants in the final months leading up to the licensing window. She currently works with Fight for the Future, a nonprofit working to expand the internet’s power for good. She once filmed Petri’s NSA-haunted porch for Halloween.
Julia can be reached at julia [at] imarad [DOT] io

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Tamar Sharabi is a trained mechanical and environmental engineer. She uses her skills to support community media through direct construction and action! She also works with a radio collective based in NY, Global Movements Urban Struggles.




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