Non-Profit Engineering Services

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We provide a complete set of engineering services for FM radio stations, including antenna and transmitter installations, studio transmitter links, studios, remote tower sites, renewable energy installations and more!

Just about all radio engineering consultants operate as small businesses. They do great work and help a lot of stations. We’ve chosen to make our group a non-profit, so that we can offer help with engineering at below-market rates for stations with an educational or activist mission. A lot of engineers focus on efficiency and prefer not to work with volunteers. At IMA, however, we consider technical education to be a key part of our mission. So we are happy to put just as much time into teaching as we put into making your community media technology work. We integrate your projects’ volunteers as much as possible in the work and train the station as much as possible for technical self-sufficiency.

We can provide engineering services for radio stations at much lower rates than most broadcast engineers, which makes International Media Action the perfect solution for non-profit, community radio stations with a tight budget.

  • Studio Construction
  • Transmitter and Antenna Installation
  • Studio Transmitter Links
  • Technical Education
  • Station Technical Evaluation and Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Renewable energy installations
  • Remote Tower Site Construction

Prices are extremely dependent on the project conditions and circumstances, so just give us a call: +1- 215-605-9297

Consider being an assistant on the project so you can learn how to do what we do.  Or better yet, turn your engineering needs into an educational opportunity! Invite your project members to join us to learn a bit of radio engineering, as we build your radio station together.  Check out our sampling of technical trainings to get an idea of what we might do for your project!

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