Technical Trainings

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At International Media Action, we provide a complete set of services and trainings for all aspects of community media projects. All of our services are also available as trainings, because we believe that the strongest community media initiatives are, at core, participatory. IMA can teach almost any aspect of building and managing a community radio station.

Here are some of the workshops that we’ve done in the past:

  • How Radio Signals Travel
  • Building a Simple Dipole Antenna
  • Setting up a Studio
  • How Governments Allocate Radio Channels
  • The Signal Path of a Radio Station
  • Elementary Troubleshooting for Radio Stations
  • Building An Itty Bitty Transmitter: These are the very simplest transmitters- they use just 15 parts! They only have a range of thirty feet, but they are an excellent first radio station to build to see if you have a knack for radio engineering.
  • A Studio Transmitter Link for Under $1000:  Getting a signal from your studio to the transmitter site can be one of the most expensive parts of building a small radio station.  Here is a way to do it for cheap!

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