IMA Assists Sol-Rincon With Resilient Solar Energy in Vieques, Puerto Rico

IMA joined with Sol-Rincon in February, 2022 to aid residents of the Island of Vieques with the construction of solar powered electrical systems. This all volunteer project is working house by house with people on the island who want to go solar. We focus on building local technical expertise, so the community is capable of sustaining its own renewable technologies. To learn more about the project, or make a direct (NON-tax deductible) donation, you can go to:

IMA also serves as the fiscal sponsor for this work, so fully tax-deductible donations for this same work can be made through our non-profit at : IMA will be spending a bunch of next February there again to continue this work. The houses that we worked on in February of 2022 were able to keep the power on when the island grid power failed during the hurricane in September of 2022. Check out Emily Abendroth’s cool summary of the project from last year:

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