Introducing James Bailey, Board Director and Operations Manager at WHGE-LP 95.3 FM

James Bailey is a lifelong learner, student of multiple crafts, and mentor to many. Originally from Philadelphia PA, James began his career as a flight engineer in the US Air Force where he refined skills including his attention to detail, quality control and disciplined work ethic. As a musician since childhood, he has studied multiple instruments, performed solo, and as part of a band. Having been raised in a musical family, James quickly developed a keen ear for quality sound and an appreciation for all musical genres. This led him to found the Red Room Recordings (R3) studio as a sanctuary and developmental creative space for the artistic community of color in Wilmington, DE. He now also works as the Operations Manager for  WHGE-LP 95.3 FM The Education Station, a licensed subsidiary of the Afro-American Historical Society of Delaware and part of the SCARP Network of stations.

“WHGE 95.3FM is the first BLACK owned and operated radio station serving the downtown Wilmington city area of Delaware. We are community run and focused on delivering wholesome and refreshing black culture, history and wisdom over the airwaves. Our goal is to educate the populace on the history many have forgotten over time and the reality that we all live in today. WHGE 95.3FM’s mission statement is to create a positive community media culture for Wilmington’s African American citizens and other voiceless, marginalized minorities that fosters ethnic pride, youth achievement, educational attainment, business development, neighborhood improvement and which serves as a catalyst for political empowerment.”

The Red Room was founded as a creative space for musicians and visionaries throughout the greater Wilmington area and beyond. It has since become one of the premier destination studios for audio and video content producers and artists of every genre who strive for a “quality first” nurturing environment and access to supportive resources to enhance the entire development process. Creatives living within the tri-state area previously found themselves traveling to other destinations like Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC and NY to find viable resources for hip hop, R&B, spoken word and other cultural support systems needed within the creative community of color. 

It is an affordable and comfortable space where the Red Room staff prioritizes their artists’ goals and needs, consistently focused on delivering the best possible results. Red Room clients have hailed from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, New York, California and everywhere in between. It is a boutique studio that leverages the experience of not only its knowledgeable and experienced staff but also their extensive network within the creative community. 

Red Room has also served a myriad of business organizations like The Nickelodeon Network / Viacom, Dassault Aircraft Services and others by facilitating training and educational content development. 

Services available at Red Room Recordings may include studio recording time, vocal and musical production assistance, audio and video editing, mixing and mastering, writing, photography, video production, animation cartoon and voice dubbing, special audio effects and scores, sound byte clips, audio forensics and more. The space is unique because of its energizing red motif, convenient location, flexible pricing, talented attentive staff, practical recording equipment and, most of all, management that is accessible and accountable to the end product. Overnight accommodations may also be arranged as needed.

Whether part of the mainstream creative community or a new up and coming artist, all are welcome to The Red Room Experience.


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