Next stop, Troy New York!

IMA board member  Christina Dunbar_Dunbar Hester in front of poster for our talk at the Sanctuary for Independent Media

IMA board member Christina Dunbar Hester in front of poster for our talk at the Sanctuary for Independent Media

On May 3rd, I did a workshop with the people who are starting a new station in Troy, New York. The Sanctuary for Independent Media is a renovated church that has lectures, bands, art shows, audio and video production and all sorts of activities for the community.  A radio station will be a fantastic addition to the space. Spearheaded by longtime community media activists Steve Pierce and Branda Miller, the station aims to innovate and focus a lot of resources on a drivetime magazine show for the Capitol region.  I’ll be helping to put up an antenna in Troy this July with local volunteers.  If you’d like to learn a bit  about towers and you are in the neighborhood, stop by!

On May 4th, I got a great chance to make a presentation with my favorite anthropologist, Christina Dunbar Hester at the Sanctuary for Independent Media. Christina is on book tour for her new ethnography of  Prometheus Radio Project and the LPFM movement, Low Power to the People. In a panel with The Anthropologist and  An Anthropologee,  we talked about the radio barnraisings, the legislative campaign, our attempts to de-gender and democratize technology, and the prospects for community radio for the future.

You can find out more  or buy your copy of Low Power to the People here, at


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