Presenting, Gladys Nobriga, Facilitator/Engineering Apprentice

   Another adventurer has jumped aboard the International Media Action vessel to liberation. Our newest hire, Gladys Nobriga, will work along with the new joint project, SCRAP ( Swarming Community Radio Allover Philly) to help facilitate collaborative projects with stations and engage in an engineering apprenticeship.

   Gladys Nobriga is a sound based performance artist, comedian, writer and activist experimenting with found objects, contact mics, textures, range, analog formats, present moments, and emotions. Through raw avant-garbage performance art, she aims to breakdown societal barriers, abolish oppressive systems, and empower communities. They got their start in college radio as a News Anchor for WVFS Tallahassee and then eventually joined the Production and Disc Jockey crew. Collaborators in the past and present include Unkoch My Campus, Spring UpSound Museum Collective , Lava Space, Workers Revolutionary CollectiveDemocracy Matters, Food & Water WatchPublic Citizen , and various mutual aid efforts. They see community radio as a tool for significant social change and can often be spotted on the streets of Philadelphia, PA. Born in Queens, NY, raised in Miami, FL, with deep roots in Venezuela.

   We are excited to give community radio stations in the Philadelphia area access and resources to share their stories, their knowledge, and crucial life experiences. We are even more excited to bring community members together through the link of frequency and to offer those interested in getting involved with community radio the chance to speak their truth.

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