WUMO-LP 94.5 FM: Afram South (Montgomery, AL) Goes Live

Gladys and Bill with WUMO’S 50ft mast and antenna before raising it.

As of May 2021, we are proud to have helped establish WUMO LP FM 94.5 in Montgomery, Alabama on the dial for those living in that county. Executive Director of Afram South, William “Bill” Foster, has worked hard to get the station up and running, providing community led content, gospel jazz, contemporary and classical inspirational music. With his help and those in the community, we were able to set up a 50ft mast, antenna, and transmitter. 

Some of the programming on WUMO includes A Woman’s Worth, Spiritual Nourishment with Cheryl Underwood, Healthy Alabama, Community Forum, and Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod. The organization also works with a variety of programs outside of radio including the Tuscaloosa Africana Film Festival, the AIDS Coalition, community lecture series,  E.C.H.O. (Empowering Communities Helping Ourselves), and the Theartice Gentry Memorial Scholarship Fund at Tuskegee University.

Afram South Mission

Afram South is a civil rights organization dedicated towards uplifting the quality of life in African American communities. In the 1970’s, Founder Brother Preston Wilcox built “Afram Associates, Inc. a non-profit organization researching, archiving and sharing information about Black organizations, education, history, and resources, including an extensive collection on Malcolm X.” Dedicating his life to uplifting those in Harlem, NY, Wilcox was an athlete, a teacher, community organizer, father, U.S. Army veteran, and advisor to public schools. “During New York City’s teacher strike in 1967, he worked with parent activists to run the Liberation School created to ensure their children’s education would not be disrupted. “

Please read his legacy here.

Click Here Preston Wilcox Papers – The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

“WUMO is a community radio station dedicated to serving the Montgomery Community.  As a local low power station, we seek to provide listeners with local, national, and international news, health education, and music with a gospel jazz and message music entertainment. This station is an affiliate of the Pacifica Radio Network.”

Anyone can listen online at http://wumolpfm.org .

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Mailing Address:
13 Arlington Road
Montgomery, Alabama  36105

Peace and Blessings.

Pete Tridish, Bill Foster, Gladys Harlow, and Johnnie Mae at her Butterfly Inn.


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